Product Development Engineering
The majority of our experience involves working with businesses to develop new industrial and consumer products.  Whether your project is fairly simple with only a handful of components and a single assembly drawing or a complex system with hundreds of parts and dozens of assemblies, we have the experience necessary to design and document your product so it can be manufactured.

BOM Restructuring
For products expected to ramp up in production, it may be beneficial to restructure the BOM to allow for mass customization.  By aligning the BOM structure with the product configurator, we can help you create a modular production BOM that will help you build base assemblies to a sales forecast and perform final configuration quickly just before shipment.

PDM Server
We maintain all CAD data on a secure PDM (Product Data Management) server that is backed up off-site weekly so your data is always safe and recoverable.  For some customers we serve as their entire off-site engineering team and maintain the CAD data for them.

Sustaining and Sales Order Engineering
Hahn Mechanical can provide resources to create sales order specific customization drawings to your standard products.  We also have experience implementing drawing updates recommended by production to correct errors or reduce cost.

ECO Processing
If you have an existing ECO process that you need us to work with, we can certainly do that.  Some customers have us VPN into their MRP system to facilitate this, so we have experience in several of the most common MRP/ERP systems used these days.

Collaborative Engineering

We can work with your in-house sales, engineering and manufacturing teams in a collaborative effort - this is our preferred arrangement.

3D Printing
Hahn Mechanical has in-house 3D printing capabilities that we use as a design and communication aid.  We do not charge for this service.

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Consulting
We can help resolve issues with or refine an idea, product, or design before it goes into production. Additionally, we can assist in optimizing current processes in existing manufacturing operations to reduce waste and increase production.

For products ready for the production stage, we can help source parts, services, and manufacturers.

3D Rendering
We can create accurate, photorealistic 3D renderings and animations using your existing 3D CAD files or CAD files that we create for you.  These can be used as communication aides and/or eye-catching sales and marketing images, allowing you to showcase your product.

Re-Design for Cost Reduction or Component Obsolescence
Our team can assist with this as well.